Welcome to Miss Softie @ softie4u

This is the best sexual stimulation toy for the modern man. The original – in production since 2001! Miss Softie makes even experienced midwifes flush when they put their fingers inside. Read more below or order your own package right away.
Miss Softie is an Swedish invention dating back to 2001 and we have shipped over 700.000 pieces the last 15 years. Up to this date we have not meet anyone that are not happy and satisfied with the quality and feeling of this fantastic toy (and thats why we can give you this great guarantee).

Can you feel the difference?

  • Home alone and feeling frisky?
  • Start thinking of a mouth working your proud member?
  • All of a sudden you are all fired up and ready to go…

Having a couple of Miss Softie’s at home will solve this problem for you. It is easy to use and we have been told by many users that it is difficult to distinguish between Miss Softie and a real mouth.

Home alone and feeling frisky? To have sexual feelings is perfectly normal and masturbation are a natural thing in life. We all do it. All. You, me, the neighbor(s) and all the women and men at work. Some times you just happens to think of a warm mouth working its magic on your proud member – and suddenly you are all fired up and ready to go. Then its time to put forward a Miss Softie, fill it with warm, cozy water and just kick back and relax. Many customer tell us that this is as good as it gets, and that Miss Softie is confusingly similar to the ‘real thing’. Can you feel the difference?

Discretion is king

Miss Softie is very easy to keep secret and anonymous. You can keep them between the pages in a book and even if someone would find them, it is very unlikely that they ever will guess what it is. The image at the left shows Miss Softie packages as they look when delivered to your house. Just like any other, ordinary plastic bags – and no one who does not know will never guess their use.

We always ship in no-tell anonymous grey or white mailing bags. The outside of the package contains  only your name and adress – no brand logo or text messages or anything at all that can identify whats inside. See our gallery for pictures of Miss Softie, lubricants and examples of packages sent to real customers.

We keep a very high profile regarding our customers integrity and safety. We have been shipping this in Sweden for over 15 years and never had one single complain regarding our discretion (read our shipping information). Your anonymity is guaranteed and all orders are safe with us.

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Still need more?

The Swedish best selling author and sexpert Katerina Janouch said that Miss Softie is very nice and feels good, and that all men should try it. To the left is just one of all the texts she has been writing about sex and sex life. The header to this one says “Hey boys, Miss Softie feels good”.

And take it from us: there is no limit to the satisfaction you can get from Miss Softie. Many customers have written to us (read our testimonials), praising the soft and warm feeling. “This is just like a real woman, this is ‘Äkta Vara’ (genuin goods)”, they say. “You don’t get it more real than this” another one stated, and told us how he now recommended Miss Softie to all his pals at the local country club. As we said before: imagine that nice, slippery feeling of a warm mouth taking care of your proud, stiff member – thats the feeling you get with Miss Softie.

Not yet convinced to try?

If you read all the way here and not yet are convinced you must be a real crazy one. But to show our gratitude for staying with us this long we will give you a small appetizer. For only $10 we will send you a sample with lubricants to go! Just use this secret link to order your special package.