Our guarantee to you

First of all: we promise that Miss Softie will not disappoint you. Not a bit. It is soft, warm, embracing and slippery wet. This is the closest you will come to “the genuin goods” (i.e. – a pussy :-)) without actually having an woman involved in the play. That is the first part of our guarantee. The other part is that if you are still not satisfied with those traits – we offer full money back guarantee. And off course if there is something wrong with the product – we will send you another one. So this is the deal (read on).

  1. If you are not satisfied – if you did not had a great orgasm or if you don’t like the toy after trying it at least 2 or 3 times…let us know and we will do whatever we can to stil make you a happy customer.
  2. We have very high standards in our factories but even the best can fail. If there is something wrong to one Miss Softie – please try another one. If that one is also broken – please send them all back to us so that we can take that batch out of the shelfs. There can be malfunctions and errors due to the nature of the factory process and in order for us t track them down it is important for us our production engineers to see the faulty products. In all normal case a Miss Softie can stand for over 20kg pressure, from the water inside that is. If you ever fill her that much it will be a big bulge. If you wrap it in a towel during use it will stand for all you can give. But if several items from the same batch tends to leak water or burst while filling them, please return them and the remaining ones to us. We have a very god control system but we always want to make them even better.
  3. If there are some small holes that you discover wile filling your Miss Softie, please be aware that the can be fixed with ordinary tejp. That can also be used as a pressure regulator together with rubber bands to tighten Miss Softie in certain spots.
  4. We want our customers to be 100% happy. And anonymous. We always work very discrete. We always send in anonymous packages with no logo or label outside revealing the nature of whats inside. We don’t even send an order confirmation inside of the package! So even if the wrong person opens it there is no link between your order and the postal package. We do however have to send a small label stating that the package does not contain any dangerous things. From time to times we also add our address – if so, we always use the address to a private household in Sweden. This is due to local laws in your country. NO INTERNET ADDRESS on the package. NEVER!


Anonymity and safety are two cornerstones of our business model and your data is totally safe with us.