Instructions for use

Miss Softie are very easy to handle. Fill with water, add some lubricant and you’r off. But even if it si that easy, we would like to give you some help if you are a beginner – to make your experience as pleasurable as it can be.

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1 Start by filling Miss Softie with water and add up to the mark. Make sure both chambers are filled (hey usually are, but shake it a little). Use water that is finger hot – 37-38 degrees celsius or 98-100 Fahrenheit. Do NOT use water hotter than that – your proud member will not like it.

2 Press out all air, spinn the bag and make a knot. Tie it so hard that you will get a tight and god fit. Try to make the knot at the beginning of the water so that there is no air inside.

3 Add lubricant at the opening. Penetrate and add more lubricant if you need. Experiment freely with pressure, positions and what ever you can come up with. Use your fantasy freely 🙂

4 When you are finished, cut the bag open and empty it for water. hrough it in a garbage can, not in the toilet since it can stuck in the pipes.

Tips and trix

  • If you have no water it is perfectly well to use it only by blowing it full of air. But then you will loose the sensation from the heat of the water.
  • Do not use to hot water! Your proud member is very sensitive to heat. To preserve the heta it is perfectly well to role Miss Softie into a towel. This will also strengthen the Missy quite a bit.
  • Be generous with lubricant. You can use any vegetable oils or ordinary water based lubricant from our shop.
  • If you like your p*s*u sloppy, try to not use as much water.
  • You can use it 1 or 2 or maybe even 3 times in a row if you do it the same day, with not to many hours in between each time. Or you can also use it together with a condom – then you don’t have to worry about getting germs or other nasty stuff in your urethra.