Shipping information

We ship world wide. Your order are posted the same day or the day after.

We ship all in anonymous packages. Grey or white mailing bags. No-one will ever be able to tell or guess what is inside.

We don’t write our name on the package. No company logo, no name, no nothing that can reveal what the package contains. We do however have to send a small label stating that the package does not contain any dangerous things. From time to times we also add our address – if so, we always use the address to a private household in Sweden. This is due to local laws in your country. NO INTERNET ADDRESS on the package. NEVER!.

Miss Softie is also very discrete – perhaps the most discrete toy you will ever find. You can keep her between pages is book and if someone would find it – they will never be able to guess what it is for.

The integrity of our customers is top priority for us. If you want, we will even erase your name from the database after the delivery.